Gathering Storm


Gathering Storm
Svarta Faran / Mighty Dragonlords


As a new day dawns they march to war a final stand against the dark A glimpse of hope in desperate times but the fallen hordes keep marching on Here they stand there’s no retreat death or glory hell awaits As the last horn sounds the charge begins blood and gore now soak the fields Through the fray a light shines bright as Narthan's children hold their lines Father Narthan guide our swords brace our shields against the hordes side by side we’re standing tall against the storm we heed his call As the tide turns and the hordes retreat a dark shadow rises over the battlefield Tremble in fear pathetic mortals for I have returned to this realm Your feeble armies can’t stand against the might of the true god of these lands Your frail bodies crumbling to dust and unspoken horrors are awaiting you Bow before me and abandon all hope The day of fire and wrath has come **Chorus**