Battle of Thyorvîn


Battle of Thyorvîn
Chronicles of a War to Come


Once upon a time the people of Teldrin lived in peace. But a shadow rose over the land, summoning hate and fear into their hearts. Blinded by the dark god they fought their own brothers. But they got all betrayed. They were banned in Thyorvîn’s realm to fight until the end of time. For the pleasure of the dark god. With blinded eyes and hate-filled mind, they shed the blood of their own kind. And in their rage they did not stop. Raise your swords into the sky, we’ll be here till the end of time. Into the fray for the false god, an endless agony. Anguished servant, dread and grief fills your heart. Rage and delusion has torn you apart. The only salvation was stolen by the dark god. To fight forever, your eternal damnation. In these dark times hope will not die. The chosen one will rise again. God sent a child. A hero to free. The only hope, his destiny.